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Weapons and Equipment

Revenant is a master of most bladed weapons. He is proficient with most handguns and automatic weapons. 

Physical Characteristics

Revenant does not have any special physical characteristics, yet some of his clones could have variations in eye or muscle structure.

Powers and Abilities

Regenerate any body part that is severed from the neck down, including a whole new body if need be. Parts that are dismembered grow into a sort of drone of himself, which he can control with his mind. If he focuses on a certain drone, he knows what the drone can see, smell, hear, or taste. During testing, it became clear that the Edge serum, which sustains him, also acts like DNA, containing all the genetic material of himself. It seems when a body part is severed, the Edge immediately reproduces the missing part. It has its limits, though, as the more that is severed the slower the regeneration process takes, and the regeneration process actually drains Ellis slightly.

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