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Mystic’s leadership abilities him to take over as leader of the team quickly. Though being a good field commander, he has a habit of stepping into the forefront, instead of charging other members of the team with the responsibility. This could cause him problems.


Weapons and Equipment

Mystic’s main weapons, are his two swords, these two swords are forged of unbreakable metals. These do not dent or shave in any way.


Physical Characteristics

Mystic has two scars, down the middle of both his eyes; each is in length 4 inches above and below his eyes. He gained these, when after picking up the swords for the first time energy shot out of them into his face.


Powers and Abilities

Mystic is able to generate blasts of energy from his swords. Although the true nature of this energy is unknown. Are the blasts coming from him, or the swords?

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