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Due to the sensitive nature of The Edge and its top-secret classification not much is known about its origins. It is also unknown if any of the information is based on fact or fiction. It is to this day unclassified by the FDA. Without this classification it is difficult to categorize what The Edge is. It could be a steroid or an enhancement. Since the first “known” case of an Edge carrier, they have been known as the Enhanced. This name has stuck until this very day. So, what does The Edge enhance? From the research that has been done over the years, The Edge appears to activate or perhaps re-activate a repressed genome. This genome enhances semi natural abilities that may or may not have been present in humans RNA. For now, it is unknown why the genome is only activated in a small number of people. These abilities are not limited in their range, class, or destructive nature. Some abilities are only present through outward sources. Including but not limited to weapons and or vehicles.

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