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Blain has spent the better part of his adult life on the wrong side of the law, so why would he join the team so easily? Possibly to cover his own rear. Because he has done harm to many people in his lifetime, and eventually those people will be coming to get even.


Weapons and Equipment

Blain outfits himself, with only the highest quality of weaponry. His favorite the Self Integrated Pulse Pistol. The first and only guns of their kind, which does not rely on the use of standard bullets. It actually compresses tiny pellets, encasing them in shield that allows them to be propelled like bullets, which shatter upon impact.


Physical Characteristics

Blain has seven tattoos. A strange half moon and dagger, on his right temple. He has never revealed why he has this tattoo. Also have three tiger stripes on both arms. This he has said is due to his time in the “Jungle”.


Powers and Abilities

Blain is able to generate a field of energy around his body. The main purpose of this seems to be to absorb energies directed at him. At times he has shown, increased stamina and strength.

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